Bruise (makeup), oil/acrylic/aerosol on canvas, 2023


An ongoing series inspired by
walls of the human body,
internal emotional walls,
and heartbreak.
Mixed media.

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butterflies (stomach) , mixed media w/ nail border on canvas, 36x42, 2022


girlfriend (roleplay), mixed media on latex, 54x64, 2023

sacrificial dreams of the women before me (childbirth), mixed media on latex, 54x62, 2023

bruise , mixed media w/ removable latex cover on canvas, 60x72, 2023

heartstrings , mixed media on latex, 54x60, 2023

, mixed media on canvas w/ nail border, 48x60, 2023

age , mixed media w/ latex veil, 36x36, 2022

scream , mixed media on canvas, 72x96, 2023

Anna Slusser

Born May 1995. Rupert, ID

Currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Anna Slusser is a self taught, emerging artist working primarily in mixed media. They often employ bold strokes, vibrant colors, and explore contemporary mediums. Their work explores the relationship between the soul and the body as well as the emotions found in interpersonal relationships. Their work invites you to get lost in the depth of what you carry within yourself.

Jim Crow Must Go! Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle WA


Private collection, Los Angeles CA

Private collection, Seattle WA

Coming from a small town I was exposed to more open space than people growing up. Now, moving to Los Angeles, I find interpersonal relationships vital to the human experience. My career as a nurse has also exposed me to the breadth of human emotion at all stages, from death to life. My work is an incredibly spiritual practice for me, the movement through my body acting as a channel of energy onto the canvas. I find the exploration of the relationship between the soul and physical body incredibly interesting, and I am always striving to express this in my work. Inspired by masters such as Rothko my intention is to create vibrant, emotional pieces of work in a contemporary medium.

throat , mixed media on canvas, 48x48, 2023