Born May 1995. Rupert, ID

Currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Anna Slusser is a self taught, emerging artist working primarily in oil and mixed media. They often employ bold strokes, vibrant colors, while exploring contemporary mediums. They are inspired by painters such as Rothko, with the intention to “swallow,” the viewer in the depth of color and emotion found on canvas. Their initial career as a nurse has given them an incredible glimpse into the human experience both physically and spiritually. Their work explores the emotions found in interpersonal relationships, between past and present selves, as well as the relationship between the soul and body. Their work invites you to get lost in the depth of what you carry within yourself.

Casa Lü, Mexico City, When Venus Met the Moon, 2024
CoCA Seattle, Jim Crow Must Go! 2023
Private collection, Los Angeles CA
Private collection, Seattle WA

Casa Lü, Mexico City, 2024